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Speed Demon
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Speed Demon XT

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The Speed Demon XT can be used as a stand-alone device (without an iPhone or iPad) for punch counting, speed measurement, and basic challenge mode.

The Speed Demon XT can also wirelessly connect to your smartphone or tablet  through SDXt iMetrics (available free through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Compatible devices include iPhone (4S or higher), iPad (3rd generation or higher), iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy S3 or higher, Note 2 or higher, Nexus 4 or higher, and other Android phones or tablets supporting Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE).  iMetrics logs your workouts, challenges you with time trial modes, provides speed endurance ratings and lets you analyze your historical workout data. 

NOTE - THE SPEED DEMON XT REQUIRES A COMPATIBLE SWIVEL.  If your existing swivel can fit within a 3 inch square, it will likely work with the Speed Demon XT.  All swivels sold on this site are Speed Demon compatible. 

For more detailed information and videos, go to www.speedbagdisplay.com.


Includes calibration tape for two speed bags (additional tape available).

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