Art of the Bag DVD


Starting with the invention of the punching ball or speed bag in the late 1800′s, ‘Art of the Bag’ follows its evolution through the years.  From the days of ‘Fancy Punching’, vaudeville acts and boxing gyms, the speed bag hasn’t changed much in its design but remains to this day as one of the best methods for developing speed, timing and eye-hand coordination.

Hear the story of Alan Kahn’s (author of The Speed Bag Bible) life-long mission to create the language or notation that has become the standard for learning the many techniques and combinations of modern bag punching.  Learn about the speed bag culture that covers the globe through interviews and demonstrations by some of the most talented bag punchers and punchdrummers in the world today.

Meet people from all walks of life who share the addiction to this activity and actively promote it not only for its health benefits, but for the sheer enjoyment.  Doctors, lawyers, personal trainers, laborers, mathematicians, musicians, business owners; they all share a passion for the art of the bag.

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